In just a few short years, Promor has garnered itself a reputation as a premier solutions provider for the offshore and gas industry. In an industry where reputation counts for so much this has immediately put them at the forefront of their sector.


With a focus on problem solving within the oil and gas sector, Promor has, since 2011, been one of the favoured Singaporean engineering companies. A business that employs only the best people and specialising in Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) vessels they have managed to consolidate many targeted services within the engineering industry which has benefitted their clients tremendously.


Believing in innovation and forward thinking, Promor has developed its own unique proprietary technology which covers  internal and external turret moorings, spread moorings, dis-connectable turret moorings, CALM buoys, fluid swivels and offloading systems. Each of these services are in turn offered to their clients in complete turnkey solutions that make Promor an engineering scale one-stop-shop!


What clients can expect is straight forward, down the line key-sector solutions based on astute industry observations and carefully, intelligently design. Experience is what Promor stands for and they aim to always impress customers with their transparency and quality of work.

Naturally, as there is more that goes into any engineering project than just the thinking and the planning behind it, Promor manages the entire project for their clients including detailed modelling, manufacturing and commissioning and with their approach of openness and communication being paramount this often seems effortless. As a young company that is still able to pivot and rely on its flexibility this is to be expected but they intend to keep this as one of their characteristics for the future too. The aim is to take the stress off their clients and for that you need to have a robust business that can think quickly and tailor the solutions for what is needed.

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Being able to solve a problem starts with first believing that no problem is too big for yourself or your company. Some may consider this arrogance but it has more to do with confidence and faith in one’s own experience and the strength of the team. Promor have almost forty members in place and are always on the look out for a bright mind that is not easily distracted or disheartened by a challenge. Juggling the highest standard of services, innovative solutions and cost effectiveness is not easy, but it is the task they have set themselves.


The team ethos is that staff members are rewarded appropriately and that recruitment for roles always starts from within. This allows individual members to gain experience in a variety of roles as well as to climb the ranks of the business. Benefitting from a community spirit, the working day is dominated by a sense of innovation and out of the box thinking. The team is expected to be on the very cutting edge of developments within the industry and there is a constant drive to be set apart at a much higher echelon than their nearest competitors. Which is achieved by keeping their own bar as high as possible.


As the sector is recovering from a recession there is strong competition due to the state of the market. In an era where meeting the client’s problems with innovative solutions has to be combined with cost effectiveness is a challenge in itself.  To achieve this, they recruit the people with the most experience who can offer those genius solutions, they recruit the people with the best minds so that they can put their ingenuity to the test. By having the best team they can offer the best.


Taking the credit and responsibility of putting their name on all of their products and not hiding behind different brand titles, Promor’s turret moorings, subsea systems and their other products are all ambassadors of their business and their beliefs. With a team benefitted from over fifty years of experience and a remarkable track record of successful projects they want people to know they are the ones where the buck ends. This also includes if something ever goes wrong. As accidents happen Promor believes that the responsibility of any mishaps belongs squarely with them. This has increased the level of trust with their clients as brands are more often judged only on how they handle issues and accidents which are always a potential.

f experience and a proven track record in successfully providing complete engineering services, adaptable designs which provide a flexible approach and solution and proprietary designs for bearings, fluid swivels and major components.”

Customer trust and customer satisfaction is the number one priority and by keeping  a firm grip on responsible operating methodologies and staying vigilant to support the human element of their operation, they have proved to be a company worth more than just a profit line.


Their definitive human approach has certainly worked judging by the catalogue of clients that Promor has done business with. These include Petrofac, Samsung, Maersk, Rubicon, Quadrant Energy, Bumi Armada and PTSC. Big brands like this require efficient and reliant suppliers.

More recently, Promor is currently supplying an external turret on and EPC basis to a client from South East Asian client. This is for operations in the unforgiving South China Sea.

Lesser businesses may be satisfied with less challenging jobs, but Promor’s ability to innovate and reputation for the biggest challenges is one of their key marketing tools. You cannot be considered miracle workers if you don’t take on the big challenges!

Since their founded nine years ago, Promor has certainly proved themselves and the future looks very promising. With solid foundations in place for expansion and consolidation, these are now the key focus points for the management team for 2020.

Guided by a strong moral compass and a nose for challenge, there will be many more viable projects materialising and Promor will be there. Ready to offer their unique skillset and experience.

In the past Promor have adapted and developed with the industry and as the oil and gas sector continues to morph and shape, they will be there. Seeing it through.


Address: PROMOR PTE LTD, 1 International Business Park #03-01D The Synergy Singapore 609917

Telephone: +65 6274 3770 | Fax: +65 6274 7071


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