The Lost Executive Ltd was founded in 2017 and has since grown to be the leading content creation and marketing company in the business sector for SMEs and corporations alike.


From the client’s point of view we offer a straight forward service using the best digital content in the forms of editorials and featurettes that are well researched and hand crafted and designed by our team. This content is then marketed online through social media and subscribed email to over 120,000 readers.

From our point of view we look at exactly what a client stands for, what their ambitions are and what they want to achieve. Then, we masterfully create perfect editorials that match those important details with the interests of our readers to develop interest and engagement.

We work within deadlines, we always get the right tone, we aim to surprise our clients and because, as a business, we support digital nomads, we can offer the best rates.


In 2019 we made the decision to consolidate our readership of over 90,000 people to the Facebook platform as a means to better engage our readers with our content and to offer a greater transparency for our clients.

While our readers are all travel and hospitality  mad, most of them are linked to the travel industry professionally. This is why our content is broken down into focusses including: travel and tours, hospitality and boutique stays, food and drink and suppliers.

Facebook: 109,000 likes.

Monthly Facebook Reach: 550,000 people.

Facebook Groups: 12,000 members

Linked IN reach: 20,000

Instagram and Twitter reach: 40,000


We provide services in content creation and marketing. This includes full design or bespoke advertising for our clients and bespoke written editorials. Our marketing services include Facebook campaign management, newsletter management and audience/client engagement.

To reach our audience there are three options available to choose from:

1. Article Sponsorship:

Price: $550.00 US.

One bespoke designed banner advert appearing within the body of an industry focussed editorial including a hyperlink to the website of your choice. A great option for those seeking to support an industry focussed feature.

2. Featurette:

Price: $930.00 US

A straightforward way of improving SEO and gaining exposure. A 300-500 word featurette of your business with images. Including a summary of the business, location, address, contact details and website appearing on in the Review/Featurette category of the  website and on our social media. Following a short interview all content is prepared by our expert writers and presented to you prior to publishing for confirmation.

3. Advert Page & Editorial:

Price: $1430.00 US.

One A4 full page colour advertisement designed by our studio and accompanied by a 1200-word editorial. With multiple images and hyperlinks the editorial allows the writer to highlight the origin story of the business, the philosophies driving it, customer and staff focusses and plans for the future.  Appearing in our quarterly magazine The Logbook and on the website this option includes bespoke marketing beyond the magazine including blogger outreach and social media campaigns.

If this is for you, put in your details in the contact form and one of our editorial staff will be in touch within 24 hours.


Making use of over 30 years worth of collective experience in the publishing industry TLE provides a number of services for businesses seeking to grow their audience and properly engage them. These include the creation of digital magazines, website articles and the all important audience growth and engagement. A real plug-and-play service.

Our working magazines include The Logbook (our benchmark travel, hospitality  and #Sportsider (sports and sport tech).

Guest Posts:

Guest posts are selected very carefully, and we only work with businesses that are on the same page as us. For example, we do not work with any organisations that promote hunting or discrimination in any way. Also, guest posts need to be directly in line with our clients and our readers.

For guest post enquiries please contact our Creative and Editorial Director directly.

*For more information on any of the above please contact our Creative and Editorial Director: Donnie Rust: 

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