This is an example of what our banner ads look like within an article. Our editorials are between 800-1200 words in length, including images and interview quotes from relevant industry speakers. For example, we may write an editorial on a highly influential mover-and-shaker within an industry and invite the suppliers to that business to be involved with a banner advertisement. This enables us to make sure that advertisers are getting the best acknowledgement, exposure and engagement to their particular brands.


Banner Position One:

The first banner of any article is the main position as it is the most viewed. The impressions and clickthroughs for the first banner advert are always the highest and therefore it is the prime position of any editorial. It also helps in setting the visual tone for the article as it is usually the first visual piece of content scene after the featured/header image.

As content creators and marketers it is out aim to provide the most reliable opportunities to gain relevant exposure. So, included in the Banner Advert option is an A4 designed ad in the relevant issue of TLE Business Magazine alongside the included editorial.

Banner Spacing.

For each editorial banners are placed at three hundred word intervals as research has demonstrated that this is the most effective spacing. It allows readers to remain engaged and interested. Each of the banner adverts are designed to be appropriate for the editorial and to peak the interest of the reader. This is why combining a visual advert with the hyperlink-click capabilities allows us to channel interest to your business website.

Banner Design

Our banner adverts are usually designed in house by the same team who are responsible for the style of our magazine and our in magazine adverts. Collectively our design team are calling on over fifteen years worth of professional experience in terms of graphic design for corporations across a range of industries. They will be in charge of creating your banner ad as well as the in magazine advert.

Banner Position 2 and 3

The second and third banner position in the editorial still enjoy a high rate of clickthroughs. By this stage readers are committed to reading the article to the end which means they will have more time to view the banners and react to them. While not as effective a position as the first they do produce excellent return for spend.


Reviews and Editorials

Perhaps you have a story of your own that you would like to highlight to our readers? The editorial process we follow is very straight forward and your business’ origin story and ambitions for the future can be highlighted in a top standard editorial copy, tailor written by one of our writers.

Our process includes an interview stage, where a fact-finding questionnaire is completed  either over the phone with one of our writers or via email, a proofed draft is prepared and sent through to you for confirmation and published once satisfied. There are spaces for high resolution images to add to the impact of the article and relevant hyperlinks. For editorials such as this, banner adverts are not included.

Editorials are written at the cost of $0.65 / word with options of 500, 900 or 1200 words.

Compelling Editorials

The difference between simply copy writing and creating compelling editorials is down to the creative approach of looking at the subject matter from a different perspective. Our editorials are written to convey a company’s message to our audience and we know how best to do that.

The editorials on our websites, which include and are hosted for a guaranteed period of one year. During this time any minor changes and amendments can be made free of charge. Once this period is over the editorial remains purely at our discretion. This is done so that our editorials are always as up to date as possible.

Audience Reach

Since 2017 when The Lost Executive Ltd was launched, we have worked consistently to grow our core audience. To comply with GDPR in 2018 we consolidated our mailing list of subscribers onto the Facebook platform and this became our primarily reader pool with over 110,000 likes to our Facebook page. At any one time there are a handful of campaigns being managed using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked IN to further extend our reach and this is the primary reason why our monthly impressions are usually between 550,000 impressions to 750,000 impressions and growing.


Blogger Reach

As one of the services that we offer, we help clients develop and grow their SEO and DA score with the use of our very extensive blogger network which currently stands in the region of around 15000 global bloggers across a number of different industries and fields.

Each of these bloggers are professionals who regularly create content and engage with their own audience of viewers. As an extended arm of what we offer to our regular clients these bloggers are able to not only increase overall exposure, they are also able to open doors to potential clients and keep your businesses popping up in the right way on search engines listings.


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