The TLE design team has been behind the creation of some of the most amazing publications. Offering great designs, insightful graphics and a real appreciation for what it takes to create something not only highly readable but beautiful to look at. It is a policy of ours that all of our magazines need to be aesthetically pleasing. Below are a couple of examples of the magazines we’ve designed over the years.

The Logbook:

Travel and hospitality magazine specialising in glamping, safari, boutique accommodation, suppliers and food and drink. A perfect companion for when you’re sitting in a foreign cafe watching the world go by. Or if you’re planning on starting a glamping site and need to know which are the best suppliers to look out for.

TLE March 2020 Issue v0_2 COVER (1)



A business publication focussed on automotive technologies and the incredible strides that businesses are taking to get this marvellous industry to the next level. A must have for any business man or woman looking to break into this industry.

TECH DRIVE February 2020 Issue v0_1 COVER (1)



A new publication focussed on the world of sport. #Sportsider was created to grow a global community of sport lovers and to showcase the businesses involved in keeping this amazing sector alive and well. A great hotbed of influencers, fitness and lifestyle gurus, the coolest companies and the most inspiring stories.