To truly appreciate the art of craftmanship is to see where the value of leather making comes from. Often, the finest leather products are still made by hand, using the same machinery that has been used since the early twenties. Quality leather products created by genuine craftsmen like Duke and Sons will last a lifetime.

Jan den Hartogh, owner of Duke & Sons says, “As a designer who has been used to work the whole day behind a screen, I realized I was missing something important in my life and that was the opportunity to do something with my hands.”

He goes on to reveal that he is a fan of the amazing atmosphere of heritage goods and brands and loves the fact that many of these companies still make the same quality goods and stick to their origins. Inspired by a real craftsman, he decided to learn the skills himself, getting really involved and allowing himself to learn by doing. Through this he managed to teach himself the art of making high quality leather goods. Working mostly with natural ‘vegitan’ leather, he has developed his own colouring method which gives his products a great vintage look and feel.

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