Founded in 1973, ATC is the French leader in speciality leather chemicals and one of the few companies in the world to offer a full range of services and products covering the formulating, manufacturing and selling of items used in the industry from beamhouse to finishing.

When the business began almost five decades ago, the goal then was the same as it is today: The provision of high quality products to the industry. As such their manufacturing and supply of high quality leather chemicals to market is at an excellent standard and at a superb price. All backed up by superb technical and industry knowledge and commercial support.

Today the business is run by Jean-Baptiste and Pierre-Antoine Gualino, and as the second generation leading the business, they have applied heaps of ambition and enthusiasm to the role. Safeguarding the company’s future and ensuring that the next chapter of the ATC’s history is a promising one.

ATC may be over half a century old, but they have retained the dynamic versatility that has kept them growing. Pioneering many industry developments, ATC has earned recognition and respect all over the world. Relying on the energy and values that the firm’s directors have instilled in the business since its inception: a culture of entrepreneurship, a passion for manufacturing, an ambition to grow through investment, and innovation led by their primary objective to create value for customers and staff.


Leather is a fine material that their company strives to make even more beautiful by developing ever more environmentally friendly chemicals and processes. The experience gathered for all their years producing speciality chemicals and technological concepts to provide their partner tanners with the means to meet the important challenges of innovation and environmental regulations are invaluable.

Continuous investment back into research and development, supporting the research teams and their technicians is part of making them the strongest in the leather industry and capable of continually improving quality and boosting production capacities.

Present in over 45 countries they share their outstanding wealth of experience to meet the needs of their partner tanners and to hold the entire industry to the highest standards of practise and quality.